Hello! I am so glad you’re here! Welcome to The Trauma Informed Teacher blog. This isn’t your typical teacher blog – I don’t have Pinterest worthy bulletin boards to show you or amazing, creative lesson plans or the latest and greatest of teacher fashion! This blog is a little bit different from most because I want to provide you with hope.  

This blog is a place of hope. It’s hope for the tired teacher with piles of papers to grade and students who don’t seem to listen, care, or stay in their seats. It’s hope for teachers who have tried everything, but they can’t seem to break the shell on that angry, defiant, argumentative student. It’s hope for an administrator who truly cares for that troubled teen but can’t seem to find a way to reach him.

But you’re probably wondering how I can provide this kind of hope? Um, like, hello, crazy lady, have you BEEN in a classroom lately?

I know it seems doubtful, but stay with me! I have found simple ways for teachers to effectively reach the most challenging students through becoming TRAUMA-INFORMED. Have you heard about this yet? It’s a new buzzword in education, and there are lots of little bits of information all over, but I have not been able to find one localized, comprehensive resource for teachers.

So here I am – starting a blog about creating a trauma-informed classroom, which is slightly terrifying. But I know that without a doubt, any discomfort that I feel putting myself out there is worth it to help the hard-to-reach, challenging students.

So keep clicking and keep reading, you’re going to like what you find! Check out this page for a good place to start!